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Cloud computing

Why Expit?

Private Cloud
Expit helps organizations realize the complete potential of cloud computing by transforming the way they deliver services to the business. Expit’s private cloud solutions based on Microsoft technologies, provides a scalable and dynamic model to deliver services consistently and predictably over time.

Most services offered by Expit are building blocks for a private cloud. Expit services guarantee value creation for the customer from each of the solutions deployed and recommends their integration to achieve greater efficiency and automation.

Expit’s Cloud enablement program helps customers improve their IT management capabilities and evolve into a cloud enabled organization. This program, which usually spans over multiple projects, integrates infrastructure management capabilities with business strategy shifts to allow for greater organizational agility and flexibility in delivering IT services.

Key benefits include IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings.

Expit delivers the Private Cloud solution in the following three models:

  • Software as a Service
  • Platform as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service

Hybrid Cloud

Expit’s hybrid cloud service line enables clients to establish IT environments that span private and public clouds. Businesses can leverage a common management, orchestration, networking and security model, both on premises and off premises. This allows enterprises to reap the benefits of public cloud without changing applications or operations.

With Expit’s hybrid cloud professional services, you can deploy applications to the best location for that particular application’s security, availability and performance needs and move the application between on premises and off premises environment. Therefore, creating a flexible foundation for the blended model, enabling the provision, management and integration of multiple clouds.

Such a highly developed orchestration means control over data location can be maintained and governance could be shared across all different cloud types needing greater infrastructure visibility to help reduce maintenance costs and ensure that their company data and resources are properly handled and secured.

Typical Scenarios that leverage hybrid cloud computing model are:

  • Backup to public cloud
  • VM replica on public cloud infrastructure
  • Monitor your online services from the cloud (outside in)
  • Manage mobile devices from the public cloud

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