Configuration Management

Manage the complete lifecycle of your end user computing devices centrally

Services automation

Why Expit?

Expit’s Configuration Management services are based on Microsoft System Configuration Manager, that comprehensively assesses, deploys and updates servers, clients and devices across physical, virtual, distrusted and mobile environments. It automates configuration and compliance management across the virtual, physical and cloud environment.

The client management infrastructure enhances insight into and control over the IT asset life cycle. It eliminates manual and time consuming tasks related to Discovery, Deployment of management agents, Inventory tracking, Configuration Drift, Detailed configuration search and Compliance management for reporting and management of industry and regulatory compliance standards.

Key Benefits:

  • Take control of IT assets
  • Keep track of the complete IT asset lifecycle
  • Manage desktop and mobile devices seamlessly
  • Adopt user centric application delivery
  • Centralize and reduce administration costs

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