Application Performance Monitoring

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Operations management

Why Expit?

Expit with help of Dynatrace APM solution uses a single platform to analyze application performance throughout your application’s full stack, down to each individual transaction across all layers and technologies.

Key Benefits:

  1. Business and performance analytics: Get visibility into all business-critical transactions, including orders, downloads, and searches. Dynatrace provides full insights into how your application performance influences your digital business.
  2. Digital experience management: Dynatrace provides end-to-end visibility into every digital interaction, delivering meaningful and actionable customer insights to all stakeholders.
  3. Application monitoring and performance lifecycle management: Dynatrace proactively detects and diagnoses application problems in your production environment before they impact your customers. During pre-production, Dynatrace provides all the metrics you need to deliver higher quality within shorter development cycles.
  4. Cloud, container, and infrastructure monitoring: Dynatrace monitors your entire stack, from data centers to private, public, and hybrid clouds. Whether you run on AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, or OpenStack, Dynatrace automatically keeps up with your environment. Learn more

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