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Blockchain Hybrid Mode

At Expit Research we strive to look ahead to anticipate, incubate and prototype new technologies and concepts that will have an impact on business in the long run. In our recent approach for technology adoption, we are focusing on making the Blockchain platform easily accessible so as to leverage its multifold benefits. The existing modes for Blockchain adoption focus primarily on complete adoption of the technology but at Expit we have an alternative view for the application of Blockchain technology, a Hybrid approach.

In the Hybrid implementation of Blockchains the existing systems run in parallel to the Blockchain Platform, giving an option to choose one over the other based on business requirements. The adopters of the Hybrid mode benefit from the following:

  • Prevent overhauling the existing processes and system which could prove to be expensive and complex
  • Adopt a systematic and incremental approach to Blockchain
  • Utilize the best of both by enhancing the traditional platform with blockchain technology
  • Enable security, anonymity and decentralization features
  • Gain technical and competitive advantage at a fraction of the cost

In most business cases the Hybrid mode is the realistic step forward. To illustrate our mode, we made simple modifications to the existing email system and built a layer for security, based on Blockchain.

If your organization is unsure whether they can leverage the blockchain technology or is looking for the right mode for adoption, feel free to Contact us and one of our experts can help you out.

Expit Registered Email

Expit Registered Email applies the idea of normal registered mail to the e-mail world. It gives a platform for the user to not only enhance email security by encrypting them, but also to track and validate email flow in real time. Expit's innovative hybrid mode leverages the existing SMTP messaging platform and adds blockchain technology as an additional security layer. It also helps to provide proof of all email transactions. The user will be able to trace and authenticate their emails, thus significantly reducing spam emails and phishing attacks.


Emails are available and accessed only by authorized recipients


Maintains consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of emails


Emails cannot be decrypted, tampered or modified


The sender and the recipient of the email can be traced

Cost and Complexity

Reduces coast and complexity by leveraging existing investments

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Download the free outlook plugin here

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Our GitHub pageincludes source code Expit Registered Email.


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