An Advanced Dashboard and analytics platform for Microsoft System Center Service Manager


Service Manager data analysis is simplified with Expit EnSight. Expit EnSight for Service Manager 2012 provides a comprehensive analysis and monitoring platform for events in Service Manager, tailored for IT managers and NOC facilities.

Using EnSight, users can easily sort tickets by source, category, support group or the status of every ticket during the current month or within a specific time range. The dashboard also gives decision makers team workload viewing capabilities to monitor team workload distribution.
Ensight gives you the ability to import custom fields from classes in the Service Manager so that you can add more value to your reports in SCSM. Once the data is in Ensight it is easy to drag and drop, to create rows and columns, to pick values and add filters. You can interact with the data in real time to slice and dice dimensions, drill down to detail, and find the answers you need – and you still don’t need any changes to your Management Pack or SCSM DB or do any coding!

SCSM Calendar

Visually Schedule your daily SCSM operations


Actionable numbers


Ensure tickets flow and progress seamlessly


Keep track of tickets for before they breach


Start Reporting on custom fields in minutes


Slice and Dice your data to get the answers you want


Track how busy your team is

SCSM Calendar


Pivot Tables

SLA Monitor

Work Items

Work Flows


  • Complete SCSM Calendar
  • Advanced exporting capabilities with support for PDF and XLS format
  • Custom Field Reporting
  • Supports SCSM reporting without the need for a data warehouse
  • Pivot Tables to further analyse SCSM data
  • Light weight installation, ready to use in 5 minutes
  • Supports SCSM 2012, 2012 SP1, 2012 R2
  • Live feedback on all tickets and events in SCSM 2012
  • Show tickets in current day/month/year or using custom dates
  • SLA monitoring facility to keep track of critical tickets
  • Display tickets progress per analyst or team
  • Filter tickets by status, category, source, impact, and support group
  • Monitor tickets opened by critical users or assets
  • Data retrieval options (Light Dataset and Full Dataset)
  • Control visibility of tabs and queue indicators
  • Metrics tab with pre-built KPI's for SCSM
  • Provance tab to forecast contract and warranty expiry
  • Dynamic tab displays for multi-screen enviornments
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Dashboard Client
  • Supported work Items
  • Ticket retrieval period
  • Data referesh rate
  • Data set collected
  • Themes
  • Export Data Fuctionality

Community Edition

  • Dashboard Client WPF
  • Supported work Items Incident and service request
  • Ticket retrieval period 5 days
  • Data referesh rate 30 min
  • Light Set Light Set OPEN/PENDING ITEMS
  • Themes Default themes only
  • Export Data Fuctionality Not available
  • Dashboard Client
  • Supported work Items
  • Ticket retrieval period
  • Data referesh rate
  • Data set collected
  • Themes
  • Export Data Fuctionality

Professional Edition

  • Dashboard Client WPF
  • Supported work Items All
  • Ticket retrieval period Unlimited
  • Data referesh rate 30 min
  • Data set collected Full Set
  • Themes All themes
  • Export Data Fuctionality Available

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